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Thread: Six Mile Creek Salmon Viewing

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    Stopped by the outlet of Lower Six Mile today at lunch. Last time there was just a handful of it was seriously in the hundreds. Mainly pinks, but a few chums and reds were in there too. They were packed in there like sardines waiting to go up the ladder. F&G came while I was there and were doing their counts or tests or something along those lines. If you have access to base, its a good opportunity to take some kids up there and get the fish bug implanted (no fishing allowed, just viewing) as the creek is only a few inches deep and you can be right next to them on the platform. All the older reds are up by the dam in Upper Six Mile all schooled up. The bows are circling like wolves...

    Driving from lower to upper, I saw a fox laborously crossing the road with something in its mouth. It stopped when I got closer and it had big ol' humpy in its mouth! The fish was about the same size as the fox...I have no clue how it got that. Maybe stole it from a bear? I've never heard of foxes fishing in the river. I wish I had my camera.

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    Foxes are pretty **** good at fishing
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    ive seen foxes grab kings by their snouts or tails, drag them to shore, up the bank and into the brush in kodiak

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    Yes, I was on the mouth of the other Six Mile Creek, watching 13 Mt.Goats feed, and 23 Seals.


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