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Thread: Talkeetna River/Clear Creek

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    Default Talkeetna River/Clear Creek

    Has anyone put in at the Public Boat Launch recently? I see the Talkeetna is very low for this time of the year according to the USGS Real-Time Data web site and wondering if there is any water in the launch area. Hate to drive all the way from Sutton to find no water to get the boat off the trailer. Thanks in advance.

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    Call Mahays or Tri-Tivers. I'm sure they can tell you.

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    Talk to Sharon at Mahays. She is a nice gal and just say go Bills. She will give you a good report. she is a die hard bills fan and a good friend of the family. Tell her chuck and mom say hi if you call
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    Thanks guys. I called up to Mahay's and she said no problem if you know what your doing. Chuck message sent to Sharon.


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