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Thread: kayaking fishing

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    Default kayaking fishing

    here is a good article in canoe and kayak about kayak fishing in Kenai Fjords.
    jim g, ak kayak academey

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    Hey mate, the article was a good one. Never considered fishing on kayaking. Thanks.
    Train Horn

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    lakes and bays. If you get the chance, Do it . One hellava great time. Tarpon 140 is my platform and i must say it smokes all the kick boats and all float tubes hands down, although each have there place. At 3 to 4 mph one can cover alot of water.

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    Yep, there's nothing like it! 6" of water in a pike slough or 2 miles off shore into a king salmon, it's the way to go. Great platform for hunting and photgrahy, too.
    Reasonable skill set, appropriate clothing, sound judgement of one's limitations and safety procedures is all thats needed. End of the day she goes on the rack, no motors, no muss no fuss no insurance, no licences, etc. Way fun to trick 'em out with electronics, etc.

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    I'm itching to do it in Hawaii, but for some reason orcas and sea lions concern me here. Yeah, I know, the natives did it for eons. But once we had a sea lion chase a silver on the line right up to the rather small boat we were on before it took it off the hook. I didn't like that too much. I've also had an orca slip up to an even smaller boat I was on to have a look at us. I could see the whites of his eye. It was most impressive. I guess I'm a coward.

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    Default Black Rockfish in the Kelp Beds

    yeah, this reminds me of latching onto Black Rockfish on the edges of the Kelp beds around Kodiak, really serious fun and they are fighters !!

    Appreciated much more when from a Kayak using an ultra light rod, as good as fighting a trophy King Salmon if you ask me, you gotta try it, jigging right up by the edge of any kelp in summer can get Wild when they go on a feeding frenzy

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    Default Fishing the Kelp beds

    seems to be a common senario with Kayak fishing.
    I did that off the bluff between Anchor point and Homer and did well..
    I saw a 100 lb halibut once in 30 or 40 feet of water in the kelp beds once from my kayak...
    sorry did not catch it.. and probably glad I didn't at the
    was not ready for that ..
    Bass sounds fun and so good to eat,,
    When you come to a fork in the trail, take it!

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    Default Gaff or Lipper?

    I have been kayak fishing for a few years and have always landing fish by hand. I am starting to get more into ocean fishing out of a yak and was wondering what is the best route to go...gaff, lipper or harpoon? I think gaff but was wondering if anyone else had thoughts.

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    Depending on the species and size. I am comfy and I have given my guests Welders mitts to grab most fish under 50#. But when you get into heavier fish you gotta be prepared. You guys are lucky enough to carry legal handguns. Secretely I have a 22 that is on a rope around my neck when Halibut hunting. I also have a detachable head spear that is attached to bouy in the rear tankwell. You jab it through the gill area to bleed it out and assist in landing the fish. If you are into catch and release then a good sized net is nice. Lip grippers is a decent tool for fish that are kept. I dont like them for delicate fish that are CandR as they often cause mouth holes which cause bacteria growth and can lead to other desiese and possibly death. kinda counter productive.

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    Figured I could just continue this thread without needed to start a new one.

    Im doing my first 2 classes here in Seattle in Early May.

    Anybody have any suggestions on where I could go Kayak fishing for small halibut or rockfish from mid-may until early June?
    I'll be in Anchorage but will spend at least 4-5 days in/around the peninsula.

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    Ok that sounds like fun!!!!

    I'd be a bit nervous about a Sit on top though... Hook into a 40lb king and I'd be worried about ending up in the water.

    mind you I'm a white water guy at heart and having done the time to wet exit and roll....

    guess I should rent one and give it a try one day.

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    Default Some new Kayak Fishing stuff in the store...

    Seems there is some growing interest in Kayak fishing, so we've added some new books and DVD titles for you guys that are interested. Here's the breakdown:

    1. Kayak Fishing (book)
    2. Kayak Fishing The Ultimate Guide (Book)
    3. Kayak Fishing The Ultimate Guide (DVD)
    4. Kayak Fishing: Game On (DVD)

    Hope it helps someone out there! Sounds like great fun!

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    Default Kayakers Cove for fishing

    I highly recommend going out of Seward by water taxi to Kayakers Cove...a great place to base a kayak fishing expedition. Went there last year and had a blast. Believe Kayaker's Cove was $35 night and the H20 taxi was $75 round trip.
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