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Thread: Lower Willow Creek Float????

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    Default Lower Willow Creek Float????

    Going to be passing thru Willow on the way to Talkeetna on August 27th. I was thinking of renting a two man raft from Willow Creek Resort for the 6 mile float down to the confluence. Has anybody done this? What can we expect for Rainbow and Silver fishing? Rainbow fishing is the priority. Many sweepers? How are the crowds on that stretch?



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    Good luck on the float down Willow , we are coming up on the 21st ...any info would be great..mike

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    There will be rainbows in the lower reaches that time of year and the silvers will be shot. But.....if I were you, I would not mess around down low on the creek or even using a raft at all. The majority of the rainbows follow the feed (UPSTREAM).

    I would go up where the fish are concentrated in the spawning beds of the salmon. Try going up Hatcher's Pass road aways until you come to Shirley Town Road. Park by the bridge and wade up and down the creek to the holes.

    Unless it is raining and then the whole creek will be flooded.
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