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Thread: Alaska Landlocked Lake Salmon

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    Default Alaska Landlocked Lake Salmon

    Any big alaska lake landlocked salmon been caught????

    I only catch ones that are about 10 inches, But i think there has to be bigger ones here.

    Anyone caught a big ones yet????


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    We fish in South Central lakes and catch 22" rainbow and char, but never catch a salmon over 10 to 12". I've caught big landlocked salmon in Montana lakes, but have yet to catch one up here.

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    Land locked salmon are available but rarely excede 10".
    It ain't about the # of pounds of meat we bring back, nor about how much we spent to go do it. Its about seeing what no one else sees.

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    Default yes!

    Have caught a few on the Kenai penninsula.
    The biggest was caught by a friend of mine and weighed close to 4#.
    Caught a lot of them in the same lake that weigh 1-2#. on the one trip we had 6 or 8 that went over 1#. most of these fish go from 16"-18" but have had a few go over 20". We usually fish this lake in the winter through the ice.
    The lake you are fishing has the most impact on size. Almost all the Kokanee lakes we fish have produced a few 18" fish but only one lake seems to produce this size consistently.
    If all you are catching is 10" fish move to another area of the lake.
    On spirit lake (one of my favorites ) some areas produce a lot of fish but they are small. Another area produces a mixed bag of sizes with the rare 18" fish but also some nice rainbows up to 3-4#. One area seems to always produce at least one 16"-18" kokanee each trip sometimes more but the fishing can sometimes be slow.
    I also seem to outfish a lot of people if they are using the same old lure and bait as everyone else.
    Raw shrimp on a shrimpo, ratso, popee or other jig from custonm jigs and spins seems to do the best for me. I usually fish one line with a jig below a slip dropper. Slender spoons can also work great at times when the fish are in an agressive mood. These work well winter or summer.
    When I am ice fishing I always use my Vexilar flasher(fish finder) to locate the fish and what depth they are at. They are not always on the bottom as everyone seems to think.
    In the summer size 0 or size 1 mepps in orange red or pink can produce well. Especially while trolling.

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    Odd question, who's thinking of landlocked salmon this month? We caught a few big landlocked king salmon out of Quartz Lake last winter....

    Fish On!
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