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Thread: 08/11/2009 Ferry Trail Managment Fire update

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    Default 08/11/2009 Ferry Trail Managment Fire update

    Okay so i have a ton of photos.... but i have NO Idea where my camera went. sure hope i did not drop it...

    okay... so my trip into Ferry started in earnest at the Clear sky lodge looking at the fire information maps posted yesterday.

    97,030acres toasted with a big red X where the fire started. DIRECTLY on top of my camp and mining claim...

    so as i sit there looking at the map, i begin to wonder and think...

    what if some one used my camp..... and started the fire...

    what if the fire line begins in my FIRE PIT!!!!!

    man i am going to get called by the DNR... the Troopers...

    you know how those thought can run... so by the time i loaded up my wheelers and trailers... made the 20 mile jaunt to Ferry.. i was near beside my self in anguish and pissed off to no end...

    unload push across the bridge, i didn't even stop at Deveres to check in ... and it was COLD!!!!!!!!!!!! there where two storm clouds over my head... one i was brewing as i went and the other threatened rain...

    by the time we got to Boot hill... the girls are frozen... we take time to dig out gloves and hats. and i can see REX DOME... by this point.. in all her charred glory..

    my thoughts went to the herd of sheep that called that mountain home... where did they go? did they succumb to the smoke? did they stay? or run? i still wonder..

    a look down to wards Libertybell... the glory hole... that area is fine...

    over to wards California creek and east to the Toatat... is black..

    the fire has a very distinct line... like straight off a drafters table...

    we push on past the equipment. on past the road system to our trail head down on to the tundra...

    the Tundra is DRY.. all the mud holes are chalk. the moss in the tundra is crisp and crumbaly... the ruts of years past are hard to navigate and slow going... i have three ridges to crest and can see lines of smoke still raising off the south side of the dome as well the flats that lead out to the totat... a good breeze and she could fire right back up....

    as we crest the last hill ... 18 miles down... 4 more to go.. i pull up to dig out my glasses to look over the blackened valley... as my despair.. deepens. knowing i was on a dumpster mission...

    i pull up on the last ridge.. and look down to the valley below... and my anger, and frustrations, explode!!!!

    WOOOOOOO!!!!! FREAKING!!!!!!!! HOOOOO!!!!!!

    IT missed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there is a creek we get coal out of directly behind and along side our claim... and it has about a 200 foot ravine it runs through... the fire ran up the east side of it... and straight up the Rex Dome, again in a perfectly straight line.. directly behind us... by maybe 300 yards..

    from there it runs up every gully on the hill ... to the west and east up spruce creek and came with in 200 yards of Boyd's claim down in California creek, they had gotten all the equipment moved and the fire just STOPPED. in a nearly perfect line. and went the other way... crossing California creek and continuing east to the Totatlanika river.

    one large camp i am sort of, sorry to say got hit and wiped out... there was as Huge camp on California Creek that brought in large numbers of folks every year...

    and to be honest.. part of me is glad it got hit and hope they don't come back.. i get tired of the troopers and Fish and game officers asking me to watch them and report their actions... seems they feel an illegal guide operation may be run out of there, or at least some serious poaching, too many moose and sheep come out of that ONE camp each year... and the dang mess they leave behind. ...

    so in short .. ( not likely)

    looking at page 91 of the reg book if your planning on hunting the Ferry management area. that is number 13 on the map...

    where CLEAR is located on the map, there is a creek drawn running north and south that hooks left... and points at, the creek running east to west on the map Directly above the number 13 that almost aligns with the hook in the other... that corner of FMA down through about het center of the number 13(as pictured on the map) is blackened spruce with fingers of hard wood... across into the wood river CUA and north TO WARDS
    Nenana... along the Totatlanika. well into the old 2001 burn...

    that will be my next trip... but they are still running the Dozer's out on the Rex.. and my understanding is that it is going to be a huge mess...

    with the wood river Fire on the flats.. it is going to be really hard to say where the moose and bou are going to land this year.. look at the steece..

    Caribou near the road in Sept??? unheard of most years..

    we did not see any game yesterday we got home near midnight and wore out.. but limited tracks in the trail as well... though most the moose there migrate in during the rut.. the browse has NOT grown in areas that did not burn due to the dry conditions i presume... all in all ... it needed the fire badly shoulder be nice again 3 years from now....

    and if anyone knows the Group that camps on California creek near the mouth of Rex... let them know it is gone...

    and pm me... for a message. i wont put it out on the open forums... as to who the groups are and where they are from...
    "If you are on a continuous search to be offended, you will always find what you are looking for; even when it isn't there."

    meet on face book here

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    Very glad to hear that everything is OK with your place, Vince. Thanks for sharing the report of the area for other hunters who are making plans.

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    Very glad to hear that all is well for you Vince. Reminds me alot what we went through here a couple of years ago with the Caribou Hills fire. Alot of cabins were lost and the not knowing was the worst. Atleast the fire didn't get the outhouse! We finally got the cabin back shelled in last week so we have somewhere dry to hunt out of this fall. I hope you still have critters around for this falls hunt. I would guess that you will have some moose around your place as it did not burn. The fall following our fire, anywhere that was not black, held animals.


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