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Thread: questions about chickaloon trail and belanger pass

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    Default questions about chickaloon trail and belanger pass

    hey everybody. I was wondering if the chickaloon trail is passable from the boulder creek/ puritan trail system going to chickaloon road? The trail is visible on the Alaska topo map. If it is, is it accessible from Chickaloon road? I googled it and DNR says the trail intersects Chickaloon road about a mile in. Has anyone done this?

    Also, it has been at least 7 years since I did the Syncline mountain round trip (belanger pass/squaw creek). It was barely passable then as the creek on the backside was washing the trail away. I think thats called Alfred creek. You may have to go through the creek now, Just wondering. I want to do it again this year.

    I also saw 2 different places where the trail went up the mountain. One was just behind the mine and the other was just after the shortcut over the top through the swamp if you want to not go through the creek where squaw creek meets alfred creek. Do these meet up? Is there a trail over the mountain if you can't go around? Besides the one at the far end. Its kinda confusing but if you are familiar with these trails, I think you will know what I am talking about. thanks for your help.

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    I've tried to find that connection 3 times- it shows up on Topo and on my GPS. Never found it - it's marked "jeep trail" on my GPS.

    A local told me that the trail is no longer there- overgrown.

    I think you can still go through the pass further up Boulder Creek Valley and connect with the Chickaloon Trail System that way but have no idea what condition that trail is like.
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