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Thread: How do you cope with early season Moose hunts...

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    Default How do you cope with early season Moose hunts...

    in the frigid heat of summer?

    Moose season just opened up yesterday & it's like burning hot here, temps in the 70-80's! That's not good for both the meat, & flys that love to eat raw meat, spit on them & the eat again...let alone going through labor on the meat & having all their kids on the meat as well, & having them eat up all your meat...

    Wondering, how do you cope with the challenges of early moose hunts & the high heat that can wreck a hunt?

    (wanna go out to hunt but will wait for more bugs to die off, in the searing cold of fall)

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    When I used to hunt the early season I would make sure I could get my harvest home within 12 hours of the kill. I've got a concrete garage that stay cool. Now I wait till after Sept 10th, I'm not so rushed to get out of the field.
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    I think it's a little early to be chasing moose. Got a season open up here but not too many hunt this early.
    But goalie..............plenty of ol fashioned smoke houses where you live ain't there?
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    One thing about getting a moose early ( if you can take care of it) is that you don't have to deal with the rut smell.

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    spray the quarters down with vinager and then coat it with black pepper while it is still wet. Worked well for me last year in hot weather.

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    Some don't cope well. One of my nearest neighbors asked me a couple days ago to come smell the caribou meat that they got on the slope. Well it seems two of the guys were from out of state and did not want to ship meat. So....left it for him. I smelled it. peeeeyyoouueee. I think it's history. He tried cooking some and had to leave the house for a bit, to get some fresh air. As luck would have it, he only has 3 to deal with.
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