for i have really plan to hunt deer only for sheep and bear hunting is not my thing plus for the last 30 years all i have done is played with animals that like to fight back ..i plan to leave those alone inless i can not get away from them i have a heavy caliber handgun as backup to the bow when hunting

maybe a moose every couple of years when i liveing there and i will a rifle on the moose up there for hunting.

i was looking at the bowtech 82nd airborne ready to hunt bow package offered by hunterfriends outfits ..

my main goal is to hunt a deer once or twice a year for meat as need to fill the frezzer as need with meat along with a small garden to help with produce and other vegs as need

so to have a basic package to use and train on for hunting season and not have to buy a bunch of items than have to put it togerther for a bow .. plus with some extras arrows and field points along some other odds and ends to help with the training

so any info on the bow tech bows ..