Took my daughter out to Willow.
The guy to my left had 2 silvers, approximately 7-9 pounds.
The guy to my right had 2 silvers approximately 7-9 pounds.

I threw in using a pink Vibrax spinner.
On my second throw, a silver hit my line, I fought for about 2 minutes... seemed like hours... was thinking, OMG, will this thing get off the hook? or will I get to come home with a fish?

I got him on the stringer.
Just after taking him off, I rather jokingly said out loud, "God I sure would love to catch a Big one and threw out my hook.

I guess He was listening, as at that moment something big hit my line...
Bam, it was a BIG Silver... only about 8 pounds...
I got him in and on the stringer....

Then, just because I was having so much fun. I threw out again and guess what,
Just as I my lure was coming past the lady next to me, and in clear view of both of us a Silver about 12 pounds came from the deep and hit my lure...
But as fast as he hit it, he got off...ADRENALINE!

No matter, I had my limit for the day anyways on Silvers... but I did enjoy the Adrenaline!

Just thought I would share that with you.