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Thread: 86 Suzuki 35/40

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    Default 86 Suzuki 35/40

    Hi - I recently picked up a 35/40 horse 1986 Suzuki. It runs fine - starts good and all seems well.

    I don't know whether it has been detuned - how can you tell if it has been detuned? It has the 35hp stickers on it, but the seller told me that it never got the kit (he is a marine small engine mechanic - and I didn't think to ask him).

    Also - is there any negative issues with these motors - things to look out for - maintenance besides the standard (water pump impeller, grease, plugs etc)...

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    The only thing I've heard is that the bolts are prone to corrosion in saltwater. So when remove the bolts to drop the lower end to service the water pump, make sure you give them a good wipe of anti sieze before re-assembling.

    Othern then that, they are great motors.


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