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Thread: Generator repair help needed.

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    Default Generator repair help needed.

    This is a Mi-T-M Gen-3000-0mH0 Generator, I picked up. The Honda 5.5 hp engine runs good, the gen is only putting our 3.6 volts ac. Pulled the back cover, and checked all 4 wires to ground and none are grounded. I did notice, there are .7 ohm from the bottom left whit wire to the top right black wire and the same right top to bottom left wire. No reading side to side or top to bottom (same sides) there are 2 black wires and 2 white wires going to the connector out the back of the gen. I was thinking it may be the brushes, but just found out, some gens don't have brushes. Thought I'd post here to see if anyone has run across this before.
    I just removed the generator part and there are no brushes. has a little rust on commutator or what ever the winding that spins, is called.

    Another thing that seems odd, is nothing is magnetic. Seems like the stationary windings should have magnets around them.

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    Offhand and outta the blue it sounds as if the gen is at idle. When it's throttled up does the voltage increase? Could be that simple.


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