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Thread: 13C Moose hunting info?

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    Default 13C Moose hunting info?

    Hello all,

    My buddy drew a non-resident moose permit for 13C, with both of us being fairly new to the area, we need a little assistance. Has anyone out there hunted this area? We were thinking about possibly taking ATV's up one of the trails near Mentasta Lake, or floating from the lake down the Slana River and taking out on the Glenn Hwy. Has anyone done either? Any other access in that area? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!



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    Default lots of trails...

    I had no idea they were giving out non resident tags in an area with so few moose. Anyway, try the trail across the highway from the old Duffy's lodge. It goes forever and branches off. You should see some moose, caribou, and maybe a sheep or griz. The Mentasta village tribe does not want hunters on their land unless they know them and allow it. Trying to float from Mentasta Lake to the Slana River might be a bit much due to the sloughs and Mayble Creek. I quit hunting there after my parents house on the Slana River sold. Used to be great hunting country, times change. Good luck.


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