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Thread: 17 ft Grumman weight capacity

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    Default 17 ft Grumman weight capacity

    Hi everyone this is my first post I may have picked up a 17 grumman and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the weight capacity is I would like to take my wife and three kids out in it also what is the biggest motor it could handle around here everyone uses jon boats and they think I am nuts for wanting to use a canoe thanks for any wisdom you could pass on

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    I don't think that you can safely haul your wife and 3 children in 17' square stern. . With a 17' square stern Grumman, some cold water, a motor, and waves and/or current, it sounds to me to be pretty risky. I'd go for a 19' Grumman and do a lot of practice with that before getting on the water with 4 passengers.

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    I have owned a 17 Grumman aluminum double-ender for years, the wife and I often take on extended trips, 1 week or several days.

    That means 2 large dogs 60 and 65lbs per dog, 2 fully loaded external frame packs, about 100lbs combined, 360lbs of human between us, some fishing gear and a 12ga. The canoe has freeboard galore, no difficulty in paddling or maneuvering, it also has a full length keel(a still water canoe) but we have gone down the moose river via the Swan lake canoe trail system two times with ease.

    Your canoe should handle all of you without a problem if combined weight is anything like what described.

    The biggest difference will be in the weight of the motor, as to max hp, there should be a plate on the canoe stating that info and max weight capacity if a square stern.

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    Default 17 FT canoe

    you can put lots of weight in it as long as the water don't come over the sides, but lets face it you pick a good day to go an the wind comes up an now there is a problem waves, the more weight in the canoe the lower in the water it sit's, I think you are pushing it to the max an with the people you are putting it, if it is just on a small lake not bad, but if you are thinking of large lakes or river's don't, be safe don't push it


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