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    I just wanted to let everyone know how impressed I am with Alaska Equine and Small Animal Vet.

    I am moving south and wanted to get my dogs the rattle snake vaccine. No one carries it up here, of course, but any vet can order it. When I talked to my regular vet she refused to get it, so I tried Joe Grohs at Alaska Equine and Small Animal. He was great to deal with -by far the most thorough vet I have ever dealt with. I wish I had started using them years ago.

    They are in Chugiak, just north of the highway off the N Birchwood exit. And he has labs that he works, so he understands keeping hunting dogs going and in good health.


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    i agree, he is awesome. I have been using him for years now.

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    I agree Joe is awsome! I wish I knew you were trying to get the rattlesnake vaccine. I too was trying to get it shipped up and what an ordeal. I finally got my vet at Highland Animal Hospital to get some shipped. They wanted to get a whole batch to save on costs and I put out the word to the ABDA club but only got one response. so we shipped up a broken up order for just my dogs which was much more spendy. We just had the booters done on both dogs and there were no negative reponses. My springer was bitten by a rattlesnake last fall in SD on a Pheasant hunt. We almost lost him - he was in the vet's office for two days on Iv's. His leg swelled HUGE and he peed blood. the vaccine is suppose to alleviate the initial symptoms, lesson swelling and duration of swelling. If a dog is bitten in the face or throat or near a vital organ the swelling can be life threatning. Snake bits are still an emergency and they must still see a vet but at least now I feel that my dog has a chance. I interviewed several vets in SD after the incident when I researched the vaccine and they are great believers in it after having treating many snakebites in both vacinnated and unvacinnated dogs. Anyway I hope Joe got you the vaccine. Too bad we can't get someone up here with a snake to snake break our dogs too.


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