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Thread: Olga Bay/Akhiok for blacktails??

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    Default Olga Bay/Akhiok for blacktails??

    I'm trying to plan a blacktail hunt for this November, and am thinking about either getting dropped off in Olga Bay, or going to Akhiok and finding someone to run us out of town in a skiff. Does anyone have any other suggestions or recommendations for transport in Akhiok, or Olga Bay?
    Thanks, Mark

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    Olga Bay,wish I had been around to pack/hunt with P&T in the fifties out of there.

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    Try contacting "anonymous1"; he has property out that way and may know someone who does it in that area. Also, I remember someone else a couple yrs back from Cordova who did a cabin trade for a week with someone on Olga Bay (had a boat and motor) and either sent me, or posted here, a fishing report (it is pretty good fishing in the short creeks around there) - but at the moment - I can't remember who it was.

    There are various laws, permits, and license requirements regarding transporting (if not by self) and cabin use in relation to hunting that may need to be considered on something like this. I'm no authority on it......


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