I was out fishing the other day and took a break to scout the woods for wild berries. I came upon some strange ones, ones I thought may be a type of cranberry. Not having a book with me I decided to pick a sample of leaves and the fruits thereof. I returned home, downloaded pictures from my camera onto the hard drive, and began using a search engine.

Pic I took of wild baneberries:


From Wikipedia I gathered this information:

"All parts of the plant are poisonous. However, Accidental poisoning is not likely since the berries are extremely bitter.

The berries are the most toxic part of the plant. A healthy adult will experience poisoning from as few as 6 berries. Ingestion of the berries causes nausea dizziness, increased pulse and severe gastrointestinal discomfort.

The toxins can also have an immediate sedative affect on the cardiac muscle tissue possibly leading to cardiac arrest if introduced into the bloodstream. As few as 2 berries may be fatal to a child.[7]"

A couple people from this board also said these berries are also white. So be careful out there, and not be foolish to put something in your mouth if you do not know what it is!

Scary stuff, folks!