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Thread: Float Hunt in September

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    Default Float Hunt in September

    Hey Guys,

    I am new to this forum and look forward to any guidance that you experienced hunters can give me.

    Myself and 2 other hunters are looking to do a float hunt in early September for moose. We all 3 have been researching gear, meat handling and safety for a few months now. We have been excersizing and trying to do everything we can to get the most out of our trip. The only thing we can not seem to decide on is the river to float.

    Any suggestions would be great.. We are looking to go anywhere in driving distance of Anchorage, or we would consider a fly in if necessary. I understand that getting off the river to hunt is a big key to a succesfull trip.

    It is getting down to decision time i the next week as we need to prepare maps and logistics. We were originally looking around Talkeetna area( Kroto, moose,)



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    Default kinda late

    Might be too late to find anyone to fly you out. Pick up Mike Strahan's book. It is available through this website. He gives the low down on lots of possible float hunts. Here's a link for the book.
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    Great suggestion on the book by Mike. Great resource for sure. Tons of info. And you better get talking to a pilot tomorrow. That will be your bottleneck at this point. Next year, pick the river and pilot first, then spend your time on the details.
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