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Thread: spray rails for hudson bay freighter

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    Default spray rails for hudson bay freighter

    Hey folks,
    I was told that there was once a thread on here, describing in great detail, the lines, dimensions, etc. of the spray rails for a scott hudson bay freighter.
    I would like to find this so i can make a couple to put on my hudson bay.
    Anyone know about this thread?


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    The rail measures.
    13 Ft. Long
    1.75 raised with a taper of .75 on the ends
    1.0 thick
    bolt spacing 12"
    with double bolts on both ends.
    15- 1/4 in. bolts per side, countersunk.
    Scott did a really great job rounding tapering and fitting the rail.
    I like the bit of lift the Hydro shield will add , it will help as I've dinged the prop on the Chena already..

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    Default spray rails

    Thanks for the info.
    What type of wood did they use? Probably ash.
    Think birch would work?
    On the inside of the canoe did they use big washers agains the fiberglass behind the bolt heads?

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    They used 1 1/4" flat washers with anti-vib nuts

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    I bought a 4" by 1" piece of ash ripped it in half. Pre finished and pre drilled it used
    clamps and spacers to hold it aprox 6" below gunnel. Then drilled and bolted it as a
    I installed it. Had to taper bow end to aprox. 3/4" at bow end to aprox. 40" back.
    E mail Scott they were very helpfull on specifics. I used silicone to caulk hull line where
    ash joined hull.

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    Default thanks for spray rail info guys

    Sounds doable to me.
    I appreciate all the feedback from folks.


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