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    Default Zodiak info

    I just bought an old 15.5' MKIII with a 40hp suzuki on the back. The boat is in really good shape for being 34 years old (1985), some small repairs on the bottom - none in the tubes.

    I am trying to find a spot close to anchorage to run the boat this afternoon to see how it handles and runs before trying an overnight trip into PWS next weekend...what lakes/ponds is it legal on?

    I am also trying to find out any information on the boat - folding directions, maintenance information (rubber care, valve care, etc.) and any information on the old 1986 40hp Susuki that is on it.

    Next spring I am thinking of re-powering it with a 50hp honda jet - anybody try to run a zodiak with a jet?

    I will do some forum searches to see what I can come up with too.

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    You can launch your boat at fire lake in eagle river 50hp max. As far as care use 303 aerospace protectant at least twice a year more if it sits in the sun all the time. And from what I have herd jets do not perform very well on inflatables due to the flex in the floor causes air pockets and will cavitate the jet but quite a few people do run them so they must work to some extent.

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    We had that exact set up and vintage when I was growing up. We sure covered some water and had some good times in that boat. Have fun with it.
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