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Thread: The caribou scapula.....

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    Smile The caribou scapula.....

    I took 2 caribou scapulas from last years caribou out of the freezer. They were slow boiled until the meat fell off. Then they were oven dried on low heat. I will use the peanut grinder and file to smooth out the knuckle area so they are easy to grasp. A hole will be drilled in each one of them and a length of tuna cord will be tied to them. They will go around my neck like my mittens did when I was a toddler. I will scrape them against brush and each other this fall when I am on the Koyukuk. I have found nothing that makes a better sound and they are light weight. It is my wife's favorite "moose call" and besides, they look really cool. I will take any caribou scapulas you plan on throwing away.

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    Default going to need them

    In my experience they do not hold up to the wet weather and the racking on the brush. So now I know why you want every one to send them too you. I use somthing a little diffrent but what ever you use if you have faith and the capacity to learn the Moose will tell you what is right.
    The Faith thing is the most important for me.
    Good luck and Happy hunting.

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    We used to use moose scalpula's until we started caribou hunting. We would leave the moose ones in the field at spotting trees because they were too cumbursome to haul around all the time.

    I slit a large, V shaped notch (about 3" wide by 3" deep) in the caribou scalpula's which helps create more sound when scraping the willows. They seem to last a few seasons if not abused too much.

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    best one i have found yet was a yearling scapula last year...

    would rake like a big bull... but flash like a little guy... really drove those mid range guys nuts... they would answer back but not commit until they seen the small flashing.. then come at a dead run. screaming ...."i am gonna kick your antlers!!!!!!!!"
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    Interesting use of a scapula.

    My wife has the same, cleaned, filed to comfort at the joint and she uses it to scrape the scales off Whitefish/Herring shes cutting to dry.

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    I tried everything I could find to make a natural sound of an antler; including an moose antler the moose scapula still sounds the best.

    I do not boil my scapula, I just let it sit outside and let the bugs clean it for me. One thing I do to help make a scapula stronger is to spray it with clear plastic.

    I have one or two caribou scapula I have no use for, if anyone wants one let me know.

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    Anybody ever use an old canoe paddle? My boss swears by them. Seems like it would work to me, but I've never tried it.

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    I found a couple griz scaps- going to give them a try and see how it goes. Good luck all!


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