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Thread: atv and road driveing

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    Default atv and road driveing

    first off i do not if this is propler place to put this question

    my brother has a video of him and the miss on a inland down in the passage of side there in the water highway

    there on a inland and the people useing atv as main transportation to get around the inland and they have lics plates on them ..

    can you drive full sized atv on the roads around a alaska in town and out of town..

    for she was shooting from the backseat of the atv and they where going do the road the with lights and taillights on the front atc on and they where driveing them just like a regular car or truck on the road ..

    in the video you saw signs that said watch out for atv riders on the road ..

    the speed limit was about 20.miles a hour on the road around the inland ..
    they did a whole tour of the inland rideing the atvs.

    the roads where paved typle roads you could see peoples places from the road as they went by ..

    it seam to me that there was more atv on the road than cars or trucks ..
    most of the people that lived on the inland there atv where set up with windshields and lights for driveing and trailers for hauling items back from the store..

    there where a couple of kids in front of them and they where filming them as they drove on the road ..the kids atv with had front lights and rear taillights set up with motorcycle turn signals rig up to signal a turn with a box on the back to hold items with windshields on them ..

    at the combo food and post office and gas station when they pull in the local pd had a full size truck and the whole time on the tape you do not see that many cars or truck but you see a lot of familys in or on atv four wheels or side by side set ups with trailers for the trip down to the docks where the little place was for it was the day that all the food supplies came in that they had order for that day the ferry was comeing in and the people where waiting for there orders

    when came time to leave when the ferry showed up they just load the atv back into the truck and waited into the ferry off loaded it supplies and other things that where comeing to the little inland for it shows them driveing onto the ferry and they went up on deck to watch the ferry leave the inland and the rest of the tape is of them tapeing diff places on the trip back up the inside passage back to where they get off and drive back home

    so is that legal on the small places in alaska to get around on ..
    or the local pd just looks the other way at you rideing around town on a atv unit

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    Some places it is legal. Some places it isn't. Alaska if full of do's and don'ts. I think you mentioned earlier that you will likely light in Homer when you get here. If so, well they are the don'ts. Not much value in having a wheeler if you live in one of the don'ts.
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    What Akres said.

    I've ridden on the roads in Hatchers Pass, Chitina, Jonesville and Petersville and no one blinks. I wouldn't try that in Anchorage or Eagle River, though. Lots of places have an ATV path that runs next to the main roads, though.
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    they are on a inland on the inside passage of alaska water passage way ..the ferry was there and they got onto plus there was a barge unit bringing supplies also in the video

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    In general, in rural areas of the state, ATVs are the primary method transportation, with very few passenger cars or trucks. In this situation, that is fine, you just can't drive drunk.

    In the urban areas, you will likely get pulled over and get ticketed. I live in Fairbanks, but my neighborhood is pretty rural. I drive my ATV on the roads around my neighborhood all the time. The roads are gravel. By the same token, I would not even consider taking my ATV downtown Fairbanks and driving around there. All the street are paved, and I don't see any entertainment in that.

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    I use to take my wheeler to carrs in wasilla to pick up groceries for my mom all the time as a kid. I doubt that would go over well anymore. My kids will be doing the same to 3 bears in a few years though. By the time my area gets too overgrown I will be moving further out...

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    ok is there any lics plate stuff or anything like that for the 4 wheel atv


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