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Thread: Advice for my son's first hunt

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    Default Advice for my son's first hunt

    My son is 8 and is excited to take his first small game animal. We are planning a trip next weekend to hunt for ptarmigan on the Denali Highway. Mainly because I've heard there are ptarmigan there and it would be easier than busting a bunch of brush looking for grouse. He will be using a 22 with a low powered scope. One question I have is would you start on the Cantwell or Paxson side? We plan to drive up there and spend the night in the back of the SUV. Basically drive to a likely looking spot and hike around looking for birds. I've never been on the Denali and have never hunted ptarmigan, but have been past both Cantwell and Paxson and have experience hunting other small birds. Let me know what to expect up there and any advice you might have for a successful hunt. If he shot one bird it would make his day. Also, I live in Eagle River and if there are any good spots closer you would like to share I would appreciate it. My son is hoping for some element of an adventure and is excited about the camping portion of it. Will there be much of a chance to see caribou, moose or bear up there?

    Thanks for any and all advice.

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    I would do what you said. The highway alone is worth the trip. I got my first ptarmigan walking in a creek bed by Paxson lakes. I definitely see more in the creek beds, but maybe cause that's where I walk. Have fun


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