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Thread: hunting birds and small game around Tok

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    Default hunting birds and small game around Tok

    I was in Alaska last year and bought land in Tok I am heading back up at the end of the month i am hoping to do some rabit or grouse hunting ad also ducks I have been looking on the alaska fish and game web site it says ducks open on Sept 1st and rabits and grouse are allready open and a non resedent small game license is 20$ is this correct is the license for more then one day? and also i am bringing my4 wheeler and a small boat what are the rules about out of staters use atv's and boats in Ak I live in Wyoming and will be leaving to come up end of Aug. I think I have allready jumped through of Canadas hoops to bring my guns no handguns I have been told that their is good water foul hunting around Tok is this true anyway i am sure I will have a good time just checking out the area more closeley

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    Yes there is both grouse & rabbit in the area. However you will have a bunch of company on the roads or trails as you are going to be here during moose. That also brings up the problem of private lands (native) of which there is a ton of surrounding Tok and it gets heavily patrolled during moose and no you may not hunt on it even for small game.

    Ducks you'll find best and by far down near northway though there are a few spots close in. Also do not forget to get your Federal duck stamp and the state's stamp.

    If your boat is registered in your state you should be fine. ATV no problem.

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    ok thanks for the relpy I was going to go in to the game and fish in Tok when I get their to make sure i am all leagle I did not realise Tok had so much private property around it you can not tell by the maps i have this trip is mostly for exploring and learning my way around and doing some clearing on my land wit a little hunting too


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