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Thread: float trip on the upper tanana river

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    Default float trip on the upper tanana river

    We are trying to plan a trip on the tanana river from robertson river to delta junction in the 20D area for moose.We have never been there.Does anybody know the access to the river in these areas?Would like any input from anybody.My birch creek trip is cancelled due to fires and smoke in the area.Thank you to everyone who has responded.

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    There is a boat launch by Cathedral lodge you will have to get permission from Tanacross Native Acc. There is very little parking at the launch, I think you can park at the lodge with there permission.

    The launch is before Cathedral rapids. There may be access at the bridge that you could use.

    Or you could launch at Tanacross.

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    Put that raft in the water,throw in that gear and get after it Craig!


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