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Thread: 460 Rowland?

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    Default 460 Rowland?

    I'm thinking about getting a conversion kit for my 1911. Anyone know anything about this round? Which particular ammo should i get for bear backup?

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    I don't know anything about the cartridge, bit I see there is an article on it in the Sept. issue of GUNS MAGAZINE.

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    We do quite a few conversions to 460 in the shop I work in. We do the conversion on 1911's, S&W M&P 45's, and mostly the Springfield XD. The cartridge basically aproximates the 44magnum from a 4in revolver. Corbon makes several good loads including a 230gr XTP and the one I usually recomend for bear protection a 255 gr bullet they call the bonded core. I am not sure who makes the BC bullet but it seems to hold up well and expand less than the XTP. Corbon also loads a 185 HP and a 230 hardball load for personal protection and practice.


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