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Thread: Goat inards any good?

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    Default Goat inards any good?

    Just wondering if it is worth keeping the heart and liver of mountain goat for eating? Never had the opportunity...anyone else tried it?

    Hopefully the heart will be split but we'll see

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    Thumbs up Excellent meat!

    Mt. goat hearts & livers are great eating!

    They require no more than the usual attention to organ meats - be sure you trim the valves and major vessels before you cook the heart.

    Get the largest vessels out of the liver. (Unless I'm making pate' with it, I like to soak livers in lightly salted water for 2 10-minute periods, changing water in between. Gets a lot of extra blood out.)

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    Default organs

    Great eating, we would let them soak in salty water overnight. Depends on where he is at for splitting the heart. He could still kick off a ledge with a heart shot, unless you need him to jump off and retrieve down below. Happy trails and post some pics.
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