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Thread: Hey all you Seward boaters...

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    Default Hey all you Seward boaters...

    I'm thinking of hauling my boat (Kingfisher 2825) over to Seward to fish next weekend (8/14, 15, 16) and the next one (8/21, 22, 23). Where could I park it during the week? Where could I anchor overnight. I'm not very familiar with Resurrection Bay. I'm thinking a transient slip in the harbor is out of the question, right? Any information, tips, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

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    I'd call the Harbormaster, 224-3138 a few days before going and see if they have an unoccupied slip you can use. If not there is transient parking but Rafting is comming. (EEEKKKK) There is camping everyware. There are lots of dry spots and Electric spots also. If you like a little solitude, at the end of Nash road as you come into Seward outer boundries, before you cross the bridge. At the end of the road is a huge gravel parking area that is free and can be quiet at the right spot. There is Camping at Lowell point but that would personnally be my last choice. Launch is 10 bucks or get an annual pass for 75 bucks. If your retired military the Army and Airforce has a great camping area with all conviences. Seward is alot different than Homer in everyway.

    Good Luck

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    I've never left my boat down there, so don't know where you could do that, though I imagine there have to be some options.

    As far as anchoring overnight, I'm partial to well protected bays so I'd suggest heading out around Aialik Cape to Paradise Cove. Thumb cove is the only semi protected spot in Resserection bay itself.

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    Default couple of options

    For storage you can call four season boat storage at 907-224-2628. You should be fine with them. I have used them for 2 years with no issues.

    And call the harbormaster as stated, you'll be able to keep it in the water after this week. With the derby starting tomorrow through next weekend it'll be nuts but after that you should be fine. Anchoring, you have several options within the bay i.e. fox island has some coves around that. Just check the seas before you anchor but the bay should be fine.

    Keep in mind though next weekend is going to be nuts with salmon derby... fun but nuts.

    See you there...

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    Default Call Stormchasers Marine

    Stormschasers marine has a storage yard that might have some space.
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