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    Default Mystery Fly Rod?

    A couple of years ago my Mothers boyfriend gave me a fly rod he got as a gift and never used. It's a 4-piece graphite Gay King Alaska Series Fly Rod, 7-8wt. I've only started fly-fishing this summer so I don't know anything about quality. Anyone know if this is a decent rod or should I save up for something else? I'm not all that keen on the fact it's a 4-piece.

    Any recommendations on a decent reel to pair it with? I'm not the kinda girl to spend 350 on a reel, mind you, especially when I don't know the quality of my rod.

    Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!

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    I imagine it would make a good chuck and duck sockeye fishing rod but probably feels kinda dead when you cast it, probably not top of the line but tough. I'd look at okuma reels, they are cheap and work good.
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    At this point in your fly fishing it really doesn't make a lot of difference wheather it's quality or not. Put an Okuma or other inexpensive reel on it and go fishing. Then when you get a chance to fish a "good" rod you will have something to compare it to. Rods come several action types, slow, med ,fast ,ultra fast, and others in between. You need to figure out what action type you like before spending a lot of money on an expensive rod that may not work well for you at all. The odds that your rod is the right one for you is slim but you need to fish several rods before you will know what the right rod for you will feel like. Once you have figured out what the right rod feels like, you may find something you like on the rack at Wal Mart or such for much less than a quality rod. Quality will buy a lighter and thinner rod and one that is prettier but that little lighter, thinner, prettier can cost several hundred dollars. So fish what you have until you know what you really want. Any kind of fishing is better than sitting home wishing you had better equiptment.

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    I do not know the brand but a 7-8wt is a great rod for alaska. You can get a good Okuma reel for that rod for $40-60 and expect to spend at least $40 for the line. Okuma makes good reels at a good price and they will stand up to the big fish we have. If you want to save for another rod go ahead, but you have that one so use it.

    I prefer a 4 piece, it is easier to travle with. Just get some wax for the male side of the pieces to keep the pieces from seperating while casting.
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    I agree with everything Garnede says. And for a cheap, but decent reel, look at the Cabelas Prestige Plus. Link below...

    Consider the book, "Topwater, Flyfishing Alaska" by Troy Letherman and "Flyfishers Guide to Alaska" by Scott Haugen. Both are in the forum store and Amazon of course. Two of my favorite books on flyfishing Alaska. Tons of info there. Troy's book is the how, Scott's book is the where (100+ maps).

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    I think it is probably a Gary King rod rather than a Gay King rod. There was a Gary King Sports Shop on Northern Lights Boulevard for many years. It was a large shop that sold camping gear and other sporting goods like softball equipment and maybe even bicycles in addition to fishing equipment. It was similar to the Sports Authority. I think they had a couple of other shops in maybe the Valley and on the Kenai Peninsula.

    I'm not sure they were big enough to have their own line of rods though. I wonder if maybe Lamiglas made the rods. Lamiglas makes some Kenai River Special rods so it wouldn't be surprising if they made a Gary King Alaska Series. The fact that it is a four piece rod could indicate that it is a higher quality rod. Many of the cheaper rods were two piece rods a few years ago.

    I have a Lamiglas eight weight fly rod that wasn't very expensive, but it is a good sockeye rod for the Russian River.

    You should definitely give the rod a try. Whether it is a good for you depends partly on what type of fishing you want to do. It would be a good salmon and big trout rod, but not a good grayling rod.

    Even if it's not a high quality rod it might be useful as a back up rod later on if you do buy a higher quality rod.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic Grayling View Post
    I think it is probably a Gary King rod rather than a Gay King rod.
    Oh God am I an idiot. I MEANT Gary King. Yes my Dad used to work there when it was open. Gay King haha I guess I should double check my posts!

    Yes I have used it I like it a lot so far, but of course I was fishing with strictly spinning rods beforehand. I will try to wax idea just to be safe. I've been borrowing my boyfriends fly reel which is fine but it ticks which it a pet peeve of mine. I will definitely check out the brands you guys have recommended, and the books sound awesome too!

    Thanks so much for the advice guys =D


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