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Thread: Sept. Russian River Flies

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    Default Sept. Russian River Flies

    Any suggestions for flies on the Russian in late Sept.? Also, are there any special restrictions---I read somewhere that you could not use weighted flies and they had to be a certain gap distance between hook and shank.

    Any info appreciated.

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    Beads Beads Beads Beads, maybe a maggot fly. Expect to work very hard for fish, september usually the fish are soo full of eggs they won't move at all for anything.

    Whatever you do don't try to mix things up and use small nymphs they never work
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    The best thing to do is get a copy of the regulations and read them. There are only one or two pages that deal with the Russian fly fishing only area. Most of those pages are maps and not rules you have to read.

    There are restrictions on fly size because of the red fishery which will be over in a couple of weeks. You don't use hooks that large for the trout even though large trout are caught on salmon sized flies often. I have even caught small trout on them. I have no idea what they were thinking.

    There will be silvers in the river in late September, but leave them alone since they are spawning and get hit hard by folks that don't really care about the fishery.

    And as AKPM says those nymph flys dont work on the Russian. No way. No how.

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    i have had luck with beads (6,8,10 mm) and flesh flies (light to dark pink; not bleached flesh or red flesh). they won't venture from their feeding lane much given the quantity of food available. polarized glasses are a must (as with any river fishing) as you can pick them up and sight cast. pulled some beauties out of there.


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