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Thread: Any Kenai River Silvers yet? Advice needed

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    Default Any Kenai River Silvers yet? Advice needed

    Hi everybody. After a lifetime of dreaming about it I am finally getting to take my first trip to Alaska!
    We are coming up 8/17 and will be fishing primarily in the middle Kenai or the upper lower river I guess you could say. Basically from Skilak lake down past Kenai Keys.I have a few questions and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We will be doing most of our fishing with spinning/casting gear.

    1)website suggestions for fishing reports in that area?
    2)critical terminal tackle (hook size, leader# ect.) I should bring
    3)Gear commonly forgotten that I should remember

    Have the Silvers shown in the lower river yet? I have not really been able to find any reports.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to offer!

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    It may be better once you get her to stop by a local tackle store and ask what to use; instead of bringing up the tackle box. Commonly, I have used coho, egg sucking leech, or flash flies (plus, a variey of others) on the Russian (upstream of that part of the Kenai). In other drainages I have also used vibrax and pixees to catch silvers. May want to check the alaska fishing regs on terminal tackle restrictions for that area (such as use of treble hooks). So, it may just be better to stop by a local tackle store. Most tackle shops (when asked) will be helpful and have the knowledge of the local streams.
    Besides this website also look at alaska outdoor journal for reports. Silver fishing is just starting to pick up in many rivers.
    Hope you enjoy Alaska.


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