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Thread: Help with Lee reloader???

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    Default Help with Lee reloader???

    Just getting started here, Father bought me a Lee turet press (4 stage) with 44 special carbide dies (supposed to reload Magnum also). First problem we encountered was with the automatic powder measure, we can not get it to throw the correct distance to move the powder cavity from under the powder canister to the die. I think there is a metal bushing that should be in the die however it will not fit when you screw the die into the powder measure and it appears that the tube that comes down from the powder measure itself may be faulty it has a crack in it that runs almost the length from the assembly down, I think that tube should sit inside the bushing however with the crack in it it wont fit. Does this make any sense? I am in Palmer and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks Huckleberry.

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    Call Lee. They're in Wisconsin, so call early. Their customer service is unbeliveable! Also it sounds like you have a broken part.


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