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Thread: Unit 6D

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    Question Unit 6D

    Is there a moose population in unit 6D. Has anyone hunted close to Whittier via the PWS? Are there deer nearyby? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Very low

    I would call the biologist that handles that area. He should be able to update you on this along with the history of the populations.

    I did talk to him two years ago in ref to hunting 6D. He said if I saw a moose to take a picture..because it would be one of few in that area.

    Deer...hit the islands, Esther to Valdez, Culrose pass, Culrose Island, Knight and Perry. There are not many around Whittier, but plenty up the passage canal on the left and right sides..mostly right.

    Good luck.


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