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Thread: planning a birch creek trip in circle

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    Default planning a birch creek trip in circle

    Looking a bit smokey for hunting. Has anyone been up there lately? never been in this area but wopuld enjoy going if it is tolerable.I wouldf appreciate any advice .. thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilsonman72 View Post
    Looking a bit smokey for hunting. Has anyone been up there lately? never been in this area but wopuld enjoy going if it is tolerable.I wouldf appreciate any advice .. thank you
    check the state fire reports... was one ran out of birch creek and crossed highway near there...
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    Default Nice choice for Alaskan adventure

    Not only is the Birch Creek area tolarable, it is a fantastic place. I was there two years ago on a carribou hunt. While the carribou had moved out of the area, I still enjoyed the scenery. We did see some moose out there. Be sure to have a spare can of fuel for your return trip. There was only one gas station left in buisness in Circle. When I was there they were out of regular gas and only had heating oil. We had to wait for the fuel truck delivery. Bring a camera and a gold pan. Lots of abandend gold mines.

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    I'm in the upper Yukon and we have smoke down to the deck, visibility less than a quarter mile. This humid weather, drizzles...and just holding the smoke in and right now it is very bad. Of course all that can change overnight if we get some wind and the inversion goes away. Our smoke is coming from the fires around Circle.

    If you want to check current conditions statewide, here's a handy link:

    Circle doesn't have a weather station, Central is the closest. It's saying Central is currently half a mile vis, smoke.

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    The rivers and creeks around here are VERY low. If Birch creek is low you can spend a lot of time dragging your raft. But, if we get our August rains that could change that.

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    Mark, sounds like you have the same smoke/rain/fog/drizzle as us. Fairbanks smells like a wet campfire. Hopefully we'll be out if it up north. Headed in to the Brooks for a walk in sheep hunt. It's the first time in the Brooks for my buddy Shane and I. Take care.


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    We received locally about 1/4 inch of rain yesterday and this AM all the local creeks are extremely low and unless we have more water coming into the system on creeks like Birch you will be dragging more than floating for the first 2-3 days. The are places on the Chena I have never seen out of water sticking out big time.

    Spent the better part of a full day getting in and out of a Inflatable Canoe in places that would have a foot of water in them normal water conditions.

    Make sure you keep an eye on the weather and plan according i.e. Light as Possible.

    Best wishes.


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