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Thread: gheenoe vs hydrofoil

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    Default gheenoe vs hydrofoil

    Just wondering if you guys think that an SE Sport 200 hydrofoil would benifit my 13' Gheenoe with a 4 horse 4stroke yammy on it. The hydrofoil is hanging in the garage right nowbut I am a little cautious about the benifits. Right now the boat won"t get up on to plane and sits nose high with just me in it. A little weight up front (60lbs) has dropped the nose down but it would be nice if this little peltor would get up on top. Thanks in advance.

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    By hydrofoil I am assuming that you mean one of the plastic trim foils, (about a foot wide) that bolts to the motor?

    I keep one handy for the times I am on lokes or running deep water.

    I would use it on the rivers but had it hang up UNDER a submerged log on a downstream run in fast water... (insert little crybaby face here)

    Other than that little quirk they do compensate for motor weight when under power by providing enough lift to cause the motor to amost free float and actually pick up on the Jack*$$ lift at half throtle with my 15hp

    Hope that helps


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    Just put one on a 75 pound 6hp mercury 2 stroke that is powering an old town predator canoe that is about 115 lb and it made a WORLD of difference. Can't believe I didn't put one on before.


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