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Thread: Charter Arms Field King 30-06?

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    Default Charter Arms Field King 30-06?

    Is anyone familiar with a Charter Arms 2000 Field King 30-06? I have not ever seen one. Just curious...

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    Smile Charter 2000 Field King

    I purchased a Field King in 2003. I researched the gun after I bought it
    and what I found was truly astonishing. The gun is made by the old
    Charter Arms Co. They have a long lineage of quality guns.
    The barrel on the gun is an E. R. Shaw custom barrel. It came as a package
    with a bore-sighted 3xX9xX40 Tasco Whitetail Hunter. The gun is stainless
    and the scope is silver also. It has a composite(plastic) stock and is good
    in all kinds of weather. Warning! It only weighs <6 and a-half pounds
    and with heavy loads it hurts. But mine shoots m.o.a. or better!


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