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Thread: Reduce recoil 30-06?

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    Default Reduce recoil 30-06?

    Anyone seen any Remington Reduced Recoil ammo in Anchorage or the Valley? I'm looking for some to start my kids shooting the -06 and I don't have time to handload any. If you see any in your travels around S.C. AK give me a shout.
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    I think I might have seen some at Mtn View Sports the other day, but be sure to call ahead as my memory aint so good nowadays and I might have just imagined it.

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    This won't help you but I recently bought my wife a 30-06 in a Browning BAR. The automatic action really reduces the recoil. Makes it very pleasant to shoot for someone who doesn't like recoil. Probably don't want the kids starting with a semi auto, but for an adult who doesn't like recoil it is worth a try.


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