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Thread: Tularemia cases in Fbx

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    WOW, thanks for the heads up. I have never been one for the rubber glove wearing while skinning but perhaps I will pick up some for the bunnies this year.

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    that is where the .. only eat white rabbits comes from.. i am not sure. if the cold kills the diesies or the sick critters... or both. but we have always been taught to only hunt hare in white and before the skeeters start to fly in the spring.
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    much like the ol rule of thumb to only take rabbits and hares durring months with an "R" in them.

    I have eaten August hares though...will again too

    Gloves are always a good idea. Infected rabbits have white spots on the liver and are pretty lethargic. Cooking to well done kills the disease.

    A brace of bunnies makes for a satisfying day it seems.

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    You guys might right, but I grew up living off bunnys & moose. I think you will find that the infected rabbits are on a cycle of about 2 years when they have the disease, the other 5 years of the 7-8 year cycle, they are fine anytime of the year.

    I could be wrong, but I've killed 1000 or so of those tasty things and thats what I've noticed.

    Its still a good idea to wear the gloves when cleaning them. However we never did as kids and nothing ever happened to us besides my dog atacking me for no reason one day after I was done cleaning them. ( The fever will drive a dog crazy)


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