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Thread: Seward bank fishing this weekend

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    Default Seward bank fishing this weekend

    Just found this place, lots of great info. I usually limit my fishing to the Kenai, but we are going to be staying at Trail River this weekend and was wondering what the bank/shore fishing in Seward is like? Haven't fished there before so I am not familiar with the area.

    Any info is appreciated.

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    Default out at pony

    I was out at pony last sat. The fishing was great for silvers and even a few pinks still. I dont think that the silvers would be in that close yet but it never a bad idea to try. I bet the pinks are there.

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    I'm thinking it's a week or so early for fishing from shore. We went out of Seward on Tuesday. The sonar showed a few fish by Callisto head, but they weren't biting. We did pick a few up in the Chevalle narrows, and I think the bulk of the fish are still out in that area.

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    Default seward beach fish

    we were also there this past weekend the 1st and 2nd and there wasnt anyone on the beach fishing. Fox island was slow (like no fish) so we went to agnes and pony and some people were catching pinks and others were catching silvers. One small open boat couldnt keep them off there lines!! unbelievable watching them catch silvers two at a time and not in one spot but pretty much anyplace there boat drifted into. I felt both jealous and happy for them at the same time and wished i had a little more luck than 0000 fish on our boat. It looked like they were using some kind of bait ball with a flourecent green banana weight. we had flashers and green hoochie with herring and didnt get a bite. It was fun to see someone having a blast and although we didnt get a bite there, we did get out farther and catch a couple nice lingcod in the 45" range. Even the folks on Koe's charters were watching them catch big fish while Keo's was netting and releasing a bunch of pinks.


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