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Thread: White Suits

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    Curious how many sheep hunters pack white suits, and how many actually use them.
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    Hmmm......I thought sheep were color blind like the other critters....because a man in a white suit doesn't look like a sheep... sheep supposedly have good eyes.

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    Thumbs up white suits

    ONLY until labor day
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    ONLY until labor day
    That's funny right there....

    Actually though, I did use a white Tyvek on my first sheep. I was walking along a valley in the Brooks. Not expecting to see sheep down that far I was walking for mileage, not stalking. I came up over a knoll and there were 5 rams (2 legal) looking right at me. I froze...slowly backed down the knoll, put the suit on then walked on my hands and knees back up to where they could see me. I figured they'd be long gone, but they were still standing there staring. Hoping no one was looking at me through binoculars ...I acted like I was grazing for a minute then disappeared my rifle and belly crawled back up to the top of the knoll. They had turned and were walking away...but not running away, they stopped about 150yds away to graze more..and I picked out the biggest of the two legal rams and dropped it.
    The morale of the story is...I think by acting like a sheep, I kept them from running away. But who knows for sure...


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