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Thread: Trip report sub forums

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    Default Trip report sub forums

    I am one of the set in his ways guys that is not in favor of bunches of new forums and sub forums.... That said I would really like a dedicated subform under fishing and hunting for trip reports. Some people have really done a great job of presenting a journal type of post trip report w/ great pics etc. These just get buried in the thousands of posts and finding the right keyword to put in the search engine can be challenging. By main thought is that it would be a great area to get folks through the winter as well as get our numerous deployed guys through another tour.

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    This place has doubled in size in the past few months. Personally, too many forums now. How far will it be broken down? Single forum for every little thing?
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    I agree there are many needless sub forums, but trip reports would be an exception. The main reason I think so is that as a trip report gets posted now, it is shuffled down to archive status in a few weeks/months. So someone looking for info has to dig it up from the deep and many newer members won't even know how to do that. A trip report sub category under canoeing, rafting, hunting, fishing, atv, hiking and fly fishing would be most useful. I think people that visit these specific forums frequently would agree. Personally, I would love to see one in the rafting and fly fishing sections. Float trip info laying right there to easily read over and see pictures. Awesome!! Of all the things posted here on the forum, trip reports are at the very TOP priority wise in my opinion. Someone should have thought of this sooner
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    Quote Originally Posted by TWB View Post
    This place has doubled in size in the past few months. Personally, too many forums now. How far will it be broken down? Single forum for every little thing?
    agree, or we could just add a SPAM only forum to make your job easier
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    Default WHY?????

    Why add another subforum? Aren't this threads for posting pics of hunts/fishing trips and photos enough? The ones up by any sticky at the begining of the hunting/fishing forums. JMHO nut i think if you start adding more and more, the better the chance to run into problems. As my dad would say "Always remember if you want to avoid problems then K.I.S.S.!!!"

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    Default subforums

    they only target the few......a thread on the subject would enlighten those that are interested.

    my .02 worth


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