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Thread: Where to go and best bets? I'm clueless.....

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    Default Where to go and best bets? I'm clueless.....

    I've been in Alaska 5 years, and confess my fishing knowledge...which is zilch. I had a license my first year up here, and that's been it.

    So, here's my question...or questions...I have a friend coming in from Tokyo with his wife. They will have four full days totally free for fishing. I don't want to go any further than Seward or Kenai, or roughly the same distance going North. That said, we want to do one trip out of Seward, and one trip on one of the Rivers (Kenai or up North in the Matsu) for Salmon.

    1) Are we too late to book a charter for this weekend or early next weekend?
    2) What are some good reputable charters to go with out of Seward?
    3) What about River trips? We were originally going to do a driftboat fishing trip down the Kenai through MWR out at Elmendorf, but they cancelled the trip, so I need to find a back up for the river fishing...

    Thanks for your help in advance, Chris...

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    I haven't done it but have you looked at the military resort in Seward for charters, etc. It seems like they have lots of goodies. (I'm assuming you can go through them because you mention the Fort Rich MWR.

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    Default couple places

    You should still be able to get on at least a 1/2 charter out of seward for silvers.
    Do a search & you will come up with some reccomendations, like Crackerjack, profish & Sea, In & Out charters, puffin charters... just to name a few, other wise the military rec has boats going out as well.

    As far as valley rivers go you could try the Little Su, with rainbow river expeditons, fish tale charters, or rays riverboat svc are a couple that I can think of. I'm sure there a few more that will do the deshka, Su, or possibly willow.

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    Puffin Charters for Seward= halibut, rockfish, ling cod, etc..

    Jimmie Jack for the Middle Kenai= kenai or kasilof, the kasilof in a drift boat could be cool if fishing well.

    Alaska Troutfitters for the Upper Kenai= they do floats on the upper and have a fly shop in Cooper Landing

    All have websites and are very reputable. I have used the top two myself and had great trips. For entertaining visitors, take the "Captains Choice Tour" with Kenai Fjords Tours in Seward. An awesome day trip with wildlife, whales, and glacier scenery. Some of the best money I have spent in Alaska. Pics below from a trip to the Kenai last May. Most the wildlife images were taken from this day cruise...

    I don't know much about the area, but shoot me a pm if you want. I can steer you in the right direction if nothing else.

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    Thanks for sharing the Flickr photos Dan. Those were some serious "Kodak Moments".

    - Jay


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