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Thread: Dry Flies

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    Default Dry Flies

    Is anybody going to use dry flies that float on the top of the water this fall???

    I talked to a lot of people and they hardly ever use dry flies.

    I cant wait for the fall to come for some more trout fishing, especially at the lakes.


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    Only if I am fishing for grayling. Most of the rainbows and dollies will be keyed in on eggs and flesh.
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    Default Standard stuff

    Funny thing is trout do take dry's even when there is an egg drop however it does not tend to be the most effective method of fishing if you know what I mean that is during the egg drop.

    Lake stuff stick with your Midge, Caddis and May Fly type patterns on the surface.

    Griffith Gnat size 12-18 you will notice in the fall the fish are near the shoar after the lake flips i.e. cooler water closer to the edge of the lake.

    Coachman Trude size 10-16

    Mid Thorax style May Flies size 12-14 couple of colors it is an adaptation of an old Fran Betters pattern called a Haystack been around for years works well in olive, sulpher and slate grey.

    I am sure others have additional options hope they chime in. I like to stick to standard attractor patterns seems much more enjoyable to fish a couple of tried and true patterns.

    Best Wishes and Tight Lines

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    Default Mosquito

    early morning is always a good times for top water...match the hatch if one is firing off. It always worth givin' top water a shot

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