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    Ok, say, hypothetically, that I find a mammoth tusk in ANWR. Is it legal to keep it? How about dall sheep horns, gold nuggets, etc.? Is there similar restrictions to national parks? I can't seem to find the information through the feds.
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    27.61 Destruction or removal of property.

    The destruction, injury, defacement, disturbance, or the unauthorized removal of any public property including natural objects or private property on or from any national wildlife refuge is prohibited.
    27.62 Search for and removal of objects of antiquity.

    No person shall search for or remove from national wildlife refuges objects of antiquity except as may be authorized by 43 CFR part 3.
    27.63 Search for and removal of other valued objects.

    (a) No person shall search for buried treasure, treasure trove, valuable semi-precious rocks, stones, or mineral specimens on national wildlife refuges unless authorized by permit or by provision of this subchapter C.
    (b) Permits are required for archeological studies on national wildlife refuges in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter C.
    27.64 Prospecting and mining.

    Prospecting, locating, or filing mining claims on national wildlife refuges is prohibited unless otherwise provided by law. See 29.31 for provisions concerning mineral leasing.
    [41 FR 9168, Mar. 3, 1976, as amended at 44 FR 42976, July 23, 1979]
    27.65 Tampering with vehicles and equipment.

    Tampering with, entering, or starting any motor vehicle, boat, equipment or machinery or attempting to tamper with, enter, or start any motor vehicle, boat, equipment or machinery on any national wildlife refuge without proper authorization is prohibited.
    Except that, in Alaska:
    Surface collection, by hand (including handheld gold pans) and for personal recreational use only, of rocks and minerals is authorized: Provided however, That (1) collection of silver, platinum, gemstones and fossils is prohibited, and (2) collection methods which may result in disturbance of ground surface, such as the use of shovels, pickaxes, sluice boxes and dredges, are prohibited.
    Hope this helps...

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    or you can just not saying anything and then you do not have to worry about it...until you get caught with it. There was a big hoop-la about some guy some yrs ago that found a mammoth tusk up off the dalton, but I believe the piece the guy found was like 7ft..kinda hard to hide that. Then there is a guy I talked to who said nothing and now has a mammoth tusk (and its not me).

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