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Thread: Car pool on DG475 or RG480

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    Default Car pool on DG475 or RG480

    My hunting buddy no longer can go on our goat trip, DG475. He has a good reason that I can't hold against him. I am looking for someone in the same boat or a group that would like to split the costs even further?
    Have hunted the area before & am not picky on where or dates. Have medical & climbng experience. Am a fit person that has hunted ADQ numerous times & would not slow or hamper anyone. Just looking for a way to salvage my tag @ a reasonable cost. Am willing to hunt last in the group & help out or when we land go our seprate ways if you would prefer?

    If this doesn't work out I am also open to anyone who would like to hunt the registration, RG480, on that end of the island. If that works out I would want to be ready to hunt the opener. It opens Nov. 1st. Thanks, Justin

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    Try Try again.

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    Where is RG480 and what are the dates on it?

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    Default maybe

    I'll check with the guy I'm hunting DG475 with. We're planning on getting down there on 9/26 if I remember right. We have a week long hunt planned.


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    Wahoo I have a nibble.

    RG480 is the south end of the island, Kodiak. I believe it is the drawing areas DG475 & DG477. It opens Nov. 1st & I would like to be in place on that day or a few days earlier. This registration hunt is unlike previous years. You can sign up on the main land this year.

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    Default Still 176 hunters out there??

    I almost had the hook up with "oakman", but could not swing the same days off. Thanks again Richard & best of luck.

    I basically can take the fallowing blocks of time off work: Oct. 10th-19 for the drawing or Oct 30th-Nov 9th on the registration. Give or take a day or two on either end of those.

    The registration is open to anyone. This area will open for registration, unlike most of the Kenai Penninsula. Nothing is guaranteed but the success rate is pretty high in this area. Anyone interested drop me a PM. In the mean time I will have to read these posts & wait for my chance. Thanks, Justin.


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