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Thread: UPPER Kenai Trout

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    Default UPPER Kenai Trout

    Hello, I have floated the upper kenai down to the ferry multiple times this year. I am having trouble consistantly hitting bows. On the upper portion from cooper landing to the kenai river sign on the right side of the river i have hit many bows on flesh flies, but below that i need some better strategies. Yesterday i had some people that dont fish much so i tried some smaller divers and i hit 2 like 14 inch bows and a red. And floating flies we hit one 25inch bow. but i could use some tips...

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    So you have been floating from Kenai Lake to the ferry right?
    If so that strech really starts to get hot when the reds start spawning in that section. I would think you would have better luck floating from the ferry to Jim's using beads right now.

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    Rainbows can be finickey fish sometimes. One weekend can be slow and the next can be really good. Drifter is right. The fishing gets better once the reds start dropping their eggs. Then egg imitations will start to work good. Sometimes just switching to a different shade of color on the egg pattern that you are using can help with the hoop ups. I have always done better from sportsman's landing to Jims landing, and I love going down through the canyon, but I have had slower results from the lake to sportsmans. I guess I just like to fish those areas of the river more often. I little later once the salmon start dying off then the flesh flies will start working better, of course a flesh pattern fished behind a cleaning table in the middle river right now could hook you up with a monster bow.



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