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Thread: Bansner Stocks "High Tech Specialties, Inc"?

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    Default Bansner Stocks "High Tech Specialties, Inc"?

    Anyone using one of the Bansner stocks, if so how do you like it?

    They look like a high quality lightweight affordable stock. I like McMillans but don't care for the price tag and do not mind doing the fitting and paint.

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    I have had one on a custom Mod. 70 .338 for several years and really like it. I had them do the work because I had Ted Blackburns one piece drop magazine installed and the forearm shortened a couple of inches. They have a reputation of being light weight and strong. Mine is Confederate Grey and the rifle is stainless, looks good, to me anyway. I was not aware they were cheaper then McMillan. If your work is good you should lke it.

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    We use Mark's stocks as OEM blanks on our custom Marlins and custom Bolt rifles. mark is a great guy to deal with.

    His blanks do have some tricky areas to fit, good luck!


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