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    I am going to end up on folks 'ignore' button if I keep spamming this site. It is just that there have been so many bears at saltwater this year and I find myself with time to watch them. Here are a couple of a young male from tonight.

    Manual focus shot through some salmon berry bushes. I like the mottled look so I included it here.

    We have been so dry here that we have hemlock and spruce needles dropping. There were several on him.

    I was almost out of light and he surely was out of patience.

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    I enjoy the light on your second shot.
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    How could anyone hit the "ignore' button" on these photos???

    Really well done!!!

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    Nice photos, great light!

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    great shots!!!!
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    Very nice pictures. I love the 2nd one. Yummy a little salad. I would love to copy and save the 2nd one if you dont mind. I wont untill I have your permission
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    Default bears


    thanks for the nice comments. i like taking pictures and i feel good when my family likes them. it is neat to have a place to post ones you are proud of and to have other alaskans comment on them. must be an ego thing for me. i love seeing how others view of alaska and their angles and point(s) of view tend to open up things for me.

    chuck, thanks for asking. i would be pleased if you wanted to keep or share any of these pictures. thanks for asking. that alone says a lot about the cloth that most folks around here are made of.

    these were taken on an evening where we had a northerly bringing in smoke from the interior fires. it made for some beautiful sunsets and brought out some colors that are normally not as dominate.

    There's a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.


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