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Thread: Visiting Seward and Soldatna - ideas?

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    Default Visiting Seward and Soldatna - ideas?

    My father and I are in Seward for a couple days and then off to Soldotna for 4 more. He's been here a few times and has luck catching pinks from the shore near Seward. We didn't have any luck today. I want him to have a good trip and catch some fish (this may be the last time he gets to come up here...he is 72). Anyone have any tips for shore fishing around Seward? We can only fish from the bank...charter is out of our price range. How about when we go to Soldotna? It's early august...should we head back near Anchorage? Bird creek maybe?

    Just a side note...the regulations here are crazy hard to follow. So many exceptions depending on time/location/etc.

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    Default Soldotna fishwalks

    I've never used them, but have seen them. They might suit your father well. Agree that the regs are sometimes hard to follow, but keep at it and you'll figure it out. When in doubt call Fish and Game. Enjoy your time with your dad.


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