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Thread: help needed for silvers using a fly rod in Valdez?

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    Default help needed for silvers using a fly rod in Valdez?

    I will be in Valdez visiting an Alaska friend of mine the last week of August.

    I know that he trolls for silver salmon in Prince William Sound from his 28 foot boat.

    I am interested in trying to catch silvers using my fly rods.

    Any suggestion how I might try this from his boat?

    He has a raft where he could put me on shore near a stream while he went trolling but I need a suggestions for a location.

    Are there any rivers that I could access from the Richardson Hwy where I could try my luck for the silvers?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Ron Liljedahl

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    Default Interesting question

    Couple of fun things.

    First you can catch Silvers incomine and outgoing tides off Allison Point with a fly rod, spinners and roe all work and all are fun. I find the incoming tide better but again that is my opinion and not necessarily the best time just what I like to do. When I go I fish bright green tandem flies seems to work well always weighted and always stripped.

    Rivers on the way down little limited the Tonsina has a reasonable run of fish and your timing is not bad.

    Couple years back sent a friend down with similar flies they fished them out of a zodiak and did fine. If your in Fairbanks stop by the shop I will give you a couple of samples to use no money just some free flies.

    Have fun and tight lines.

    Blue Moose


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